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Helping youth, changing lives.

About the Executive Director:

Tamara L. Daniels has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Notre Dame de namur University and attended Pepperdine University at Los Angeles, where she studied Counseling Psychology. Tamara received a Minister’s Certification from Aenon School of Theology and in her early career served as a certified Substitute Teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District and taught Public Speaking Skills at Cerritos Community College's Adult Education Department. Tamara is currently a certified Life-skills Facilitator, Anger Management Specialist and Professional Child Visitation Provider and Trainer delivering monthly classes at National University, Los Angeles.


Tamara also facilitated communication and life skills workshops for the Los Angeles County Probation Department’s Eastlake and Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall with wards of the court in a custody program which is where her passion for at-risk youth began. Her consultant work includes community-based organizations, domestic violence agencies, mental health professionals, Department of Children and Family Services, faith-based communities and other entities requesting support and direction for the well-fare of children, Youth and their families.


About the Organization:



Just A Word Ministries is a Youth Development Training organization; we assist the needs of youth in disadvantaged communities. We strive to serve juvenile Hall, camps, middle and high schools, all the way to young adults age 25.



We offer evidence-based Life-skills curriculum. We are client centered and assist in accessing community resources and services to redirect behavior and supporting youth to become productive members of their community and reduce recidivism.



Life-skills are a key component of educational, economic and social development. Having access to guidance, resources, programs and opportunities provide needed support to individual sustainability and lifelong success.

Our goal is to increase grade point average (GPA) levels, increase General Education Degree (GED) and preparatory completion, reduce gang violence, teen alcohol and drug use, decrease teen pregnancy, remove barriers to job and trade careers through applying life skills and employment education.



Just A Word Ministries is a community-based Nonprofit 501(c)(3) IRS recognized organization committed to the well- being of youth. We utilize professionals, mental health experts, paraprofessionals, retirees from multiple fields, including law enforcement.

Through our Life-skills curriculum, personal and social development workshops, arts and entrepreneur clinics we endeavor to move youth from at risk to AT- PROMISE.


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Community Outreach Services




  • Center for the Empowerment of Families

  • Los Angeles Probation Dept.

  • Love Thyself Social Services

  • The Hope Portal

  • 1736 Family Crisis Center

  • LA Domestic Violence Services

  • Child Abuse Hotline

We believe all youth can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission Statement

To provide and deliver life-skills training and professional development programs to at-risk youth (ages 12-25), for the purpose of creating opportunities to advance; educationally, financially, politically, spiritually and civically. Individual sustainability in our youth produces healthy communities, and that helps strengthen the

future of America.

Our Mission

Our Vision, Aims and Goals

Our focus is inner-city youth because they, like youth anywhere in America, deserve to be at-promise, not at-risk. Access and exposure to positive opportunities grow aspirations. When life-skills and Youth come together, along with access to training and exposure for healthy choices, the outcomes can be healthy communities and empowered young people. 

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